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At Earth Shine Gardens we wanted to create a tincture that was, eco-conscious, and readily bioavailable. Made with organic cannabis oil, these tinctures can help balance your body and bring a spring back into your step.

When combined with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) extract, these tinctures offer a new level of full-spectrum potency. Tinctures have a growing list of health benefits like reducing inflammation, raising appetite, and faster ingestion without the use of combustion.

RSO Darts

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) was developed by Rick Simpson who created a full spectrum plant extract to naturally treat his skin ailments. The “Oil” in RSO comes from the dark, syrupy consistency which carries the full spectrum of cannabis, even in the smallest of doses. Since its inception, RSO has become a popular topical or ingestible concentrate free from the fuss of chemicals while providing the full bloom of beautiful cannabinoids. RSO is not a product intended for smoking

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