Let Earth's Bounty Be Yours

At Earth Shine Gardens we take great pride on the quality of care and effort used in our products. From our hand crafted selection of wholesome tinctures, pure hash products, and earthy edibles; each product has been naturally tied together with only the purest ingredients. 


Nature's gift

Using the highest quality extracts from our lush, sprawling Berkshire farm; the Earth Shine Gardens lineup is sure to surprise even the classic consumer with their nourishing potential. 

Tincture Flavor Mockups

Balance Your Body

For hundreds of years, our ancestors have used cannabis as a holistic means of relief. It’s a plant that has been by our side and evolved with us over time. Using the purest ingredients, we have developed a collection that is one of a kind. RSO Tinctures, RSO Darts, and more to come!

"Mother Nature is always speaking.
She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer."
- Radhanath Swami


Which will you choose?