"We only get one planet"

Why Vegan?

“We only get one planet” were Leonardo DiCaprio’s iconic words at the 2014 United Nations Climate Change summit. It is important to understand the social and global effects of climate change, and how Veganism can help us create a peaceful planet for all animals and humans alike.

To be a vegan means to not consume or use anything containing animal products or byproducts. It also implies that the product has not been subjected to animal testing. The vegan community is quickly expanding as people learn more about the wide range of benefits that come with making the transition.
We felt that there were not enough options on the East Coast for vegan cannabis products, so Earth Shine Gardens was born. A vegan brand, seeking to deliver the highest quality Earth-friendly cannabis goods, straight to you.

For us, it doesn’t start with our products- it starts on our impressive 81-acre farm. All of our cannabis plants are sun-grown, not indoor-grown.

This translates in various ways: